Review Of Best Indoor Grill Consumer Report: Rated & Picks

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Whether it is summer or winter, an indoor grill can be used to make delicious food because it is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of outdoor space to accommodate a gas BBQ. If you live in an apartment, but want to enjoy BBQ-style food, then you need to invest in the best smokeless indoor grill.

This type of grill consumes less oil and hardly produces any smoke. You will get the feel of a mini-barbecue in the comfort of your kitchen. The majority of smokeless indoor grills make use of electricity to run, which make them fast and safe. The life of smokeless indoor grills is also longer than propane or wood pellet grills.

To get your hands on the best indoor grill, you need to pay attention to the best indoor grill consumer report comprising of three popular indoor grills that are sold more number of times than any other grill. Let’s discuss those three grills in the next section.

Reviews Of 3 Best Smokeless Indoor Grills Consumer Report

1. Hamilton Beach (25361) Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill

Best smokeless indoor grill


  • This grill can easily accommodate three servings.
  • The compact size of the grill makes it easier to be used in any kitchen.
  • The grill plate and drip tray have been given a coating of a non-stick element, which prolongs the life of the product, plus makes cleaning a breeze.
  • The inclusion of the lid helps reduce heat loss, keeps the meat at an even temperature, and reduce cook time.


  • Takes a lot of time to heat up.

What’s My Take

Before I begin reviewing this product, let me tell you that this is the best electric grill indoor purposes. This grill has enough space to make 3-4 servings at once. I really liked a wide range of temperature (200-450 degrees Fahrenheit) this grill has to offer.

With such a broad range, cooking of multiple types of foods become a lot easier. To ensure fast and even cooking, the stainless steel body of the grill plays a big role. It retains heat, prevents rust and expedites cleaning of the grill.


While using this grill, I was really impressed with its construction. I turned it on, and the grill heated up in 4-5 minutes, which was a little longer in my opinion. I have cooked multiple meals at one time, and each one of those cooked with perfection.

All the fat and grease was collected in a drip collection tray. The tray can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The lid given in the grill prevents the food from drying. Overall, the grill is good, and I feel it will last a few years easily.  

2. Philips Indoor Smoke-less Grill plus Bonus Cleaning Tool, HD6371/94

best smokeless indoor grill


  • Less heat up time, so you can quickly get the food on the sizzling grill.
  • Quick clean up.
  • The inclusion of infrared technology cooks food evenly.


  • The grill produces smoke most often than not.
  • Infrared lights are an impediment to the food that is cooked on the grill.

What’s My Take:

Philips smokeless grill is a perfect blend of strong construction and cutting-edge technology. I can choose from several temperature settings, which provides me with a full control over the heat. This grill has the capability of reaching high temperatures, up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows me to grill and sear thick pieces of meat.

For quick and easy cleaning, this grill sports a drip tray, which accumulates all the grease from the meats. Despite hot grease falling into the drip tray, it remains cool and also keeps the steam and smoke from coming out.


This grill will give you fast and evenly cooked food, just like how you would get in a charcoal grill. The heating components comprise infrared technology, which expedites the cooking process and gets you delicious delights.

All the fat coming from meats at the time of cooking will be accumulated in a drip tray, which makes the operation of the grill less messy.

3. Kitchen + Home Stove Top Smokeless Grill Indoor BBQ

best smokeless indoor grill


  • The non-stick surface makes flipping of the food easier.
  • Cleaning this grill is super easy.


  • It won’t fit on all gas stoves.
  • Grease drips on the stove.

What’s My Take

This smokeless grill is perfect for small homes where there isn’t much space to accommodate a big smokeless indoor grill. Made of premium quality stainless steel with a coating of a wear resistant material, this grill ensures fast and efficient cooking.

Food won’t stick on the grill, as there is a double coating of Teflon applied on the grill. Despite its small size, this grill can prepare a host of dishes, from chicken to steaks, vegetables to shrinks and everything else.

I didn’t use any oil or butter while grilling different types of foods. The integrated drip pan catches excess fat and grease that comes out while grilling the food. The drip pan also prevents flare-ups, which is common sight while using outdoor grills.


Don’t go by its small size, this grill removes excess fat and cholesterol from the meats, a feature that was confined to big outdoor grills. The grill sports a non-stick surface, which makes cooking butter and oil free.

Food doesn’t stick to the surface and is cooked evenly. Apt in grilling any type of food, you can satisfy your grilling requirements with this small, yet powerful grill. The drip pan given alongside the grill collects all the fat and grease that comes out of the meat. Cleaning the drip pan is also easy along with the grill, which you can put in a dishwasher to clean.  

Questions To Ask When Buying A Smokeless Indoor Grill:

There are a few things to take into the account while buying a smokeless indoor grill because all indoor grills aren’t alike. So, let us go through the questions that you couldn’t miss asking while buying the best smokeless indoor grill.  

Question #1: Does the grill has a knob or an on/off switch or do you need to unplug it from the wall in order to turn it off. Models that don’t come with a switch should better be avoided, as those could be dangerous to use.

Question #2: Does the grill get sizzling hot to grill meat? You need to pay attention towards the wattage of the grill, and if it works at 1,000-1,500 watts, then it is a powerful grill. But, it should have the technology to manage temperature so that the texture and juiciness of the meat are not lost.

Question #3: Does the grill has removable grill plates? If you want to cook raw meat, then grill plates will make it much easier. You should opt for removable grill plates so that they can be properly cleaned.

Types Of Indoor Grills

Indoor grills are divided into three main categories, these are;

  1. Stovetop Grill: This type of grill can be placed atop your kitchen stove. A stovetop grill operates either on electric power or on gas and is designed in the shape of a griddle. You can use the stove’s knobs/controls to control the cooking temperatures. The only drawback of this type of grill is that there is no way to stop the drippings to fall on the stove.
  2. Open Countertop Grill: This is basically an electric indoor grill designed to sit on the countertop. It generates power on its own to heat up the grill. This grill provides you with a larger cooking space, plus the inclusion of knobs/controls give a total control over the heat that is generated. There is no lid given in these grills, so all sorts of liquids from the food can splash and spray around the kitchen.
  3. Closed Countertop Grill: This type of an electric indoor grill also sits on the countertop and generates its own power to heat up the grill. However, you will find a lid in this grill, thus the liquid from the food will not splash or spray around the kitchen. Moreover, the food is cooked rather quickly, and you can cook the food on both sides simultaneously. The inclusion of lid bars you from cooking thick pieces of meat because then, the grill can’t be closed properly.

How To Select The Best Indoor Grill

Smokeless Electric Grills come in different shapes and sizes. Most grills are compact and fit on a stove or tabletop. But, there are some additional features as well, which you need to look out for when buying an indoor grill.

  1. Grill Size: Most grills have a cooking area between 60-200 square inches, which is sufficient to grill four 1-quarter pound burger patties to feed a family of four.
  2. Power: A grill having power between 1500-1800 watts will make the grill superhot to cook all kinds of meats faster and more evenly. For small amounts of cooking, a grill with the power of 800 watts is more than enough, but if you want to cook in a large quantity and with thicker pieces of meat, then opt for a powerful grill.
  3. Heat Control Options: A grill with adjustable temperature is always a great advantage because you can cook different kinds of meat or vegetables, as they need different levels of heat.
  4. Automatic Shut-Off Switch: A grill that automatically shuts-off once the food has been cooked is a feature to look forward to.
  5. On/Off Light & Heat Indicator Light: Buying a grill that can tell you that it is on is a great feature, but if you could find a grill that also tells that it has reached ideal temperature is a definitely a delight.
  6. Timer: If you don’t want to babysit your food, then find a grill with a timer.
  7. Removable Grill & Plates: A griller that has a lid with a grill fitted inside of it can be used to create extra grilling space by flipping the grill. Moreover, if that grill is removable, then you can easily clean it and throw it in the dishwasher.
  8. Non-Stick Grill Plates: Almost every grill comes with non-stick plates, so if your shortlisted one doesn’t have it, then drop it right there and choose the one that has a non-stick plate.
  9. Floating Hinge: This is perfect for contact grills because you can press down these on the top of the food to get a evenly cooked food, especially when you are cooking thicker meat.
  10. Grease Tray: Check whether the grease catcher is in the form of a small cup or a drawer. If it is a drawer, then it will catch more grease, and you need to buy the grill that has a grease catcher of the size of a drawer.
  11. Filter: The smoke is inevitable when you are grilling food, even if you are using smokeless grills. Some smoke will be produced, but the lid of the grill traps it. But, if you cook food without a lid, then you need to opt for a model that has a built-in filter.
  12. Safety Features: There are some indispensable safety features like a detachable temperature gauge and cool touch handles, which you must look for in a grill.

Summing Up

With three types of indoor grills, multiple questions to ask and dozens of factors to consider, it could have been a cumbersome task for you to find the best smokeless indoor grill. However, I have made your task a lot easier by providing you the best indoor grill consumer report. You can take a look at the three grills that I’ve reviewed and pick the one that suits your requirements the best.