The Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven Consumer Ratings & Reports

Wood fired ovens are traditional ovens that were first made in Central Europe. Then, these ovens start spreading out in entire Europe, North and South America. Soon after, wood-fired ovens became a staple for baking bread and other delicacies in the majority of the world.

Nowadays, wood-fired ovens are widely used to make pizzas. You must have had pizzas in restaurants or at home, but let me tell you one thing; there is nothing that could beat the taste of a pizza that is cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven. This is the reason that despite so many modern and advanced ovens, the sale of wood-fired pizza ovens is still high. The quest among the people to find the best wood fired pizza oven is on. With so many companies launching their different wood-fired pizza ovens, it is not that easy to zero down on the best product.

To make things somewhat easier, I have come up with three wood-fired pizza ovens, which I’ve thoroughly tested. I found the results of each of these wood-fired pizza ovens beyond satisfactory. So, I thought maybe I should present an honest review of these pizza ovens to make the task of choosing the right wood-fired pizza oven super easy for you. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Reviews Of 3 Best Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. ilFornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Best wood fired pizza oven


  • Despite its strong construction and beautiful looks, it will not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • The oven takes just 30 minutes to heat up, and it retains heat quite efficiently.
  • A durable product that will last for multiple years.
  • A complimentary stand given along with the product makes a good deal.


  • The size of the pizza oven could be a problem for some users.
  • Moving this pizza oven from one place to another could be a daunting task.

What’s My Take:

The Napolitano Oven is an apt pizza oven, which will get you a pizza with a crunchy base and a soft center. It doesn’t matter what type of pizza you are making and what toppings have you garnished your pizza with, the pizza is going to look great and taste wonderful. The oven comprises a double-walled stainless steel heavy gauged dome, which consists of a couple of refectory ceramic layers of insulation blanket. This combination ensures faster heating and longer heat retention. The machine is durable, and all credit goes to stainless steel.


An extremely stylish and durable pizza oven, you can totally rely on this product as it is going to keep making delicious pizzas year after year. It is made with high-density insulation that will keep the oven five times more insulated than any other traditional pizza oven. It generates more heat than a normal wood-fired pizza oven, plus it is capable of retaining that heat as well. The cooking area of 1007 square inches is good enough for large pizzas to feed a dozen people.

2. PRC Outdoor Pizza Oven, Wood Fired, Insulated, With Brick Arch & Chimney

best wood fired pizza oven


  • A beautiful looking pizza oven.
  • The large cooking area allows enough food for large gatherings and pizza parties.
  • Get the most authentic artesian pizza every time.


  • As this oven has a huge cooking area, so it is going to consume a decent amount of space in your backyard garden.
  • You have to maintain the temperature constantly, and for that, you may require a digital thermometer as well.

What’s My Take:

This best outdoor pizza oven is coming from the beautiful land of Portugal. This oven is handmade from firebricks, so be very cautious while using, as it could get extremely hot. To retain the heat, ceramic fiber insulation has been done in the oven. You can easily cook multiple large-sized pizzas in this oven, as it sports a huge cooking area of around 31.5 inches diameter along with a door of 20 inches. I really liked this oven in the first look, and I fell in love after using it because it ticks all the parameters that I’m looking to have in a wood-fired pizza oven.


The hunt for a genuine brick pizza oven ends with having this amazing wood-fired pizza oven. You will see the fire spreading all around inside the dome, which means that you get a genuine artesian pizza every single time. This is a high-performance pizza oven, which is going to get you scrumptious pizzas at your will, plus it looks stunningly beautiful as well, thus adding to the aesthetic appeal of your house.

3. MCP-Distributions 32.5" Wood Fired Stainless Steel Artisan Pizza Oven or Grill, Outdoor or Indoor

best wood fired pizza oven


  • A durable machine that is made from 430 stainless steel, so it’s not going anywhere no matter how many times you use it.
  • This pizza oven can easily cook 2-3 pizzas at one time.
  • A wide range of the temperature gauge allowing different types of foods to be cooked properly.
  • Less heating time with excellent heat retention.


  • The absence of a digital thermometer from the list of items that accompany this oven seems to be the only drawback.

What’s My Take:

This dark horse could get past the very best at any moment. I mean just look at this pizza oven, it’s so beautiful, and not to forget, it is fully capable of getting you the pizza you always crave for. The 430 stainless steel construction with polished steel exterior ensure that this pizza oven gets the attention it truly deserves.

When you are done beholding this oven, you will be amazed to see its cooking area, as it is remarkably big when compared with other ovens at the price range in which this is sold. I was able to cook three large sized pizzas in this oven, which I believe is good for feeding a group of six or even more. A wide range of temperature gauge along with a prompt heating time adds to the performance of the oven.


If you are looking for a wood-fired pizza oven that looks beautiful and performs excellently, then this is the oven to go for. The construction with 430 stainless steel along with a polished steel exterior assures any doubt on the solidity of this product. It will last for a number of years. The oven accompanies a large pizza peel, pizza stone surface, pizza turner spatula, pizza cutter and a wire brush or broom. The bottom line is that this pizza oven worth every single penny you’ve spent on it.

What Is A Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

A product made from clay, brick or concrete, a wood-fired pizza was made by using economical materials, which could be easily obtained from nature. Since all the natural materials are used for cooking, you can expect a natural and authentic taste of food at the end. Wood is used as a fuel, which heats up the oven quickly and maintains an efficient cooking temperature. While cooking in a wood-fired oven, it is important to maintain a safe distance from the materials, as those can absorb a good amount of heat. Don’t get in contact with the oven or else it will cause skin burn and blisters.

Why Choose A Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

There has to be something in a wood-fired pizza oven that makes them more appealing to their gas counterpart. Wood-fired ovens provide great cooking environments to the users, as the heat is drawn from the real fire of the burning wood that is placed at the back of the pizza oven. Wood fired pizza ovens may not be known for their fast cooking speed, but they are certainly known for adding authentic smoky taste to the pizzas. You can cook pizzas in BBQ smokers, but the question is, will you get that authentic taste that you were looking for? Of course not, so you need to get the best wood fired pizza oven in order to get an authentic and delightful taste.

Things To Watch Out For While Buying A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Temperature: The key to a good pizza lies in the temperature at which it is cooked. Temperature is a factor that is fully relied on the materials that are used in the pizza oven. So, you need to check the heat capacity and relative conductivity of the materials that are used in the pizza oven.

Timing: A pizza oven with faster preheat and recovery times are obviously better. If you need to get a crisp-tender texture of a Neapolitan crust, then you will have to get a pizza oven with faster cooking time as well. But in case you want a drier, extra-crispy crust, then faster cooking time is a parameter that can be skipped.  

Ease Of Use: Where some ovens are as easy as turning on a TV, while some may require a bit of finagling and monitoring to ensure that the ovens are working efficiently.

Robustness & Looks: Invest in an oven that is sturdy and reliable because only then, you can expect it to work efficiently for a long period of time. An oven shouldn’t have too many moving parts because those are going to stop functioning at some point. Where performance is of paramount importance, but it is also important to pay attention towards the looks because you don’t want an ugly piece of metal placed in the middle of your backyard garden, but you’ll want to have a beautiful, shiny pizza oven that grabs everybody’s attention.

Versatility: By versatility I mean, the ability of the pizza oven to cook other types of foods than just pizzas. If that is possible, then I would think it as a ‘value-for-money’ product because I’m able to sear steaks, broil fish and roast vegetables in the pizza oven.

Summing Up

If you are sick and tired of eating the same, boring pizza over and over again from local pizza joints, then you can change this right now. Get the best wood fired pizza oven and relish the authentic smoky flavor in pizzas at your will. You can go through the options that I’ve presented in front of you in this post.

Last Updated on October 21, 2021